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The Avenues-Sedalia brand is meant to honor our historic past but also look toward the future. A lot of good things are happening that will have a big impact on the downtown area – many new locally owned businesses and the thriving restaurant and entertainment scene….all along The Avenues.

People who live and work on The Avenues already know what the area has to offer. It’s time to share with the public that downtown really is a place like no other in the Sedalia area. We want to remind everybody else in the community about the hidden gems downtown – theatre, arts, dining, etc. We’re also the “venue” for community gatherings like the Christmas Parade and Thanksgiving Lighting & Fireworks.

The Avenues – for those who love downtown and those who will love it soon enough!


The Avenues-Sedalia is a vibrant, prosperous commercial and residential district filled with unique shops and contemporary gathering places. Nestled in the heart of Sedalia, The Avenues is seen as a revitalized district with a distinct sense of place. The renovation and preservation of the great architectural treasures offer increased options for people to work and live within the district. New investment in infill and expansion projects provides additional commercial and residential opportunities.

Serving as the seat of city and county government, The Avenues continues to support its strong professional base while attracting tourism by becoming a destination for events, day trips, shopping, and strolling. The Avenues is a center of entertainment, culture, and commerce where merchants greet their customers by name and welcome visitors with the warmth and hospitality of the community’s heritage.

About The Avenues Sedalia (SDDI, Inc.)

The Avenues-Sedalia (SDDI) is a non-profit organization formed in 1993 to advocate and support revitalization efforts for the historic buildings and the history itself of downtown Sedalia, Missouri. SDDI works with property owners, the City of Sedalia, State and Federal agencies to facilitate economic development and historic preservation of the town’s central business district.


The Avenues-Sedalia will channel its passion, energy and talent for the economic and cultural revitalization of the historic downtown commercial district.  We will build a strong network of individuals, businesses and organizations to implement programs encouraging retail and residential growth through education, resource development and marketing.


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